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Column Arts Agency is a creative agency. That means we’re a design studio, an illustration agency, an animation studio, a video production team, a marketing agency, & a creative events company.

From our studio in Birmingham, we work with clients across the Midlands, Greater Manchester, and London.

Our Ideology

When we set-up Column Arts Agency we had a strong views on how we wanted it to be run. The following core values are at the heart of every project that we work on.

Pride: Column are proud of our brand, our clients, our creatives, and what we have achieved.

Ethics: We will always try to make the right business decisions that benefit benefit the company, the client, and the creatives.

Commercial: Column believe that commercial creativity is beautiful and intrinsically part of British culture.

Representation: We want the creatives we represent to become successful and financially secure because of the work that we do. We want to be a profitable company because we do the right thing by artists.

Straightforward & Honest: We will present everything in a clear and understanding way. We strive to be direct and open with our clients and creatives.

Proactive: At Column we are motived because we believe in who we are and what we do. We tackle problems head on and love to get involved in new projects.

Clever: We will always aim to come up with new ideas. We also aim to find better ways to do things so they fit in with our mission.

Our History

Every good company has got to have a history. Even though Column Arts Agency’s isn’t very long we thought you might find it interesting anyway.

Here’s William Astbury, Founder of Column Arts Agency , to tell you how we began: “I dreamt up the idea for Column Arts Agency in Manchester in January 2011. A self-employed writer and journalist at the time, I had been helping artist-friends to do their tax returns as I’d been doing my own for years and I’d always been meticulous at doing my own bookkeeping and accounting.

“I realised that many creatives didn’t want to deal with the business side of their lives. Artists want to make work they don’t want to deal with filling-in forms, finding projects or calculating finances. So I thought my model of bookkeeping would work for other people.

“I tested the idea of bookkeeping for artists on my creative friends. They loved it and advised me on what else they needed.

“After meeting-up with everyone for loads of brews I had a pretty firm idea on what I wanted to do. I was going to offer a bookkeeping, marketing, ‘work-finding’, and project management services to artists with the main ethos being about ‘support’, which is why I decided to call the agency Column.

“And that’s how the agency was born…”


Column Arts Agency specialise in working with the advertising, publishing and editorial industries. Column Arts Agency have links in Birmingham, London, and Manchester. We were established in 2011.

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