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Column Arts Agency are chuffed to announce that two of our illustrators will be battling-it out in Secret Walls X Birmingham 2014 Series 2.

Old-boy Trou and Column newby Joel Millerchip will be taking part in this illustration war for the first time.

The event sees two artists go head-to-head in a live illustration battle. They have to create a mural that takes the piss out of their opponent, in front an audience.

Secret Walls X Birmingham takes place over seven weeks with a fresh battle taking place every Friday night at Column’s home in Birmingham, Boxxed.

Joel will be kicking-off the event when he takes on Chunxx on Friday 25 July 2014. We asked our guy a couple of questions to see how he was feeling about it.

When asked whether he was excited, he said: “Im weirdly excited and a little bit scared…

“Even though I’m born and bred birmingham boy, I’m not LOCAL anymore i think thats gonna make me the underdog (woof!)”

Joel is a member of illustration collective Brothers Of The Stripe and he is tipping his cohort MR THE BEEF to win the competition, describing him as “a fine pen-smith and very nice chap”.

We asked Joel what he thinks of Chunxx. He said: “I don’t know nout about him really, he seems to be a nice chap and he’s focused on the images he makes, which should make the battle a rather nice challenge.

Secret Walls BirminghamTrou is facing Foka Wolf, winner of the last Secret Walls Birmingham, on Friday 15 August 2014 and he’s looking forward to the fight.

He said: “I like his work and I think its quite an interesting match up.

“Sometimes when artists have got totally different styles it can be impossible to compare them but I think the two pieces could look pretty good side-by-side.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what he does… For a bit. And then I will crush him.”

Not really so confident, he added: “Its gonna be quite different to the way I normally work so it could spectacularly well or horribly wrong.”

When asked who would win this Secret Walls X Birmingham, Trou answered: “I really like The Real Dill. His works fun and he’s got really crisp lines and his finish is great.

“I suppose technique aside its also about who comes up with a good concept so it could be anyone. His experience working at this sorta size makes him my ‘one to watch’ though.”


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“I'm looking forward to seeing what he does... For a bit. And then i will crush him,” Trou

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