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Column Arts Agency, London, are proud to announce our first illustration project and exhibition Reinventions: Book Covers.

As an arts agency that is still in its infancy, we came up with the idea for this project so we could present the talents of our illustrators and designers to the publishing and advertising industries.

For this project our artists were given a simple brief, to reinvent and redesign the book cover of their favourite book in their own style using only two colours (some of them cheated on the colour bit).

Here’s what they came up with…

Alan Dalby:

True to form, graphic illustrator Dalby created hea stripped-back minimal design for his book cover of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The cover is typical of his innocent style – he is known for creating clean work that often explores geometric shapes.


Only Trou could represent Hunter S Thompson as disembowelled grog-swilling cat, but that is why his work is so amazing. From the dark recesses of his imagination he has created a book cover that explores the account of Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas on a number of levels.

Guy McKinley:

McKinley’s work is usually inspired by Japanese culture and old comic books. However, for his reinvention of the cover of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou, he seems to have departed from his usual influences to create a bloody beautiful book cover.

Mr Hass:

This was not the first time illustrating his favourite author’s work for Mr Hass of SuperCrafts Studio Workshop. His warped book cover for Naked Lunch, by William Burroughs, reflects both the darker side of his work and the content of the novel.

Aliyah Hussain:

Hussain has come up with a wonderful re-imagining for her cover of John Wyndham’s Day Of The Triffids. Colourful and full of patterns, the devil is in the detail with this reinvention – as with all of the artist’s work.


A classic cover for a classic book, SAVWO’s reinvention of Graham Greene’s The End Of The Affair combines his love of horror movies and anatomy with stylish design. This book cover sees the artist developing into a new dimension of illustration.


Illustrating children’s classic Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter, is no mean feat, but TXLW has got bear skills or should I say bunny skills. Her book cover is detailed, cute and childlike with the perfect mischievous glint in Peter’s eyes.


Reinventions: Book Covers will be on display at 2012 Print Odyssey, an exhibition that celebrates all things screen-printing at Stew Gallery & Artist Studios in Norwich. The limited edition book covers will be hand screen-printed in A2 on Fabriano Rosapina paper and are for sale at the exhibition.

Column Arts Agency are delighted to be taking part in this exhibition, which runs from 26 May to 9 June 2012. A big thanks to Vicki and Jo from Print To The People for inviting us to take part.

Come and check it out!

Reinventions: Book Covers Will Be On Exhibited At 2012 Print Odyssey

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