Mr The Beef (aka Andy Hulland)

Derbyshire, UK
Derby, UK
Character Design, Hand Lettering, Live Drawing, Murals/Indoor Painting, T Shirt Design, Album Covers/Band Merch, Low Brow Art, Art Workshops, Editorial Illustration


Mr The Beef, aka Andy Hulland, is an illustrator that specialises in character design, live drawing, and murals. Working commercially in a range of styles, Andy’s private practice is reminiscent of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the mid-1960s. His work is often humorous and draws influence from a range of sources including nature, overheard conversations, mid-century design, the 1980s, old signs, peeling paint, urban decay, brutalist architecture, music, and shadows on bright days.  His favourite artists include by Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Yoshitomo Nara, Barry McGee, Gary Taxali. Andy is also a founder member of UK art collective Brothers of the Stripe (BOTS).


BBC (workshops)
Shiny Brewery,
Orange Mobile (with YCN)
X5 Music
The Atlas Society
Museums Sheffield (workshop/installation)
Cleveland College Art and Design
Nottingham City Council (workshop leader)
Seed Creativity
Wild in Art (Big Hoot Workshop leader)
Treble O Records
Various independent bands
Ammo Magazine


Seed Creativity/FD2D magazine
Surface Gallery


‘Character Totem’ (with Inkygoodness) @ Pictoplasma Berlin 2011,
‘Character Totem Homecoming’ (with Inkygoodness) @ Custard Factory, Birmingham 2011,
‘Salon Des Refuses’ @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2011 – Grand Prize Winner
‘Clean Lines, Dirty Textures’ (solo show) @ Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham 2011
‘Eight’ (group show) @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2011
‘International Postcard Show’ @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2012
‘High Rides, Low Tides’ (BOTS*) @ Get a Grip, Custard Factory, Birmingham 2012
‘Tea Time’ (BOTS) @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester 2012
‘Great Brawl of China’ (collective one day takeover) @ London Design Museum, 2012
‘Eye Candy/Birmingham Zine Festival’ (BOTS 2 day residency) @ Southside Birmingham 2012
‘International Postcard Show’ @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2013
Pick Me Up Graphics Art Fair 2013 (BOTS) ‘Ode to Youth’ @ Somerset House, London 2013
‘IllustrARTe’ @ Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester 2013
‘Two Colours|Three Dimensions’ @ Odd One Out, Hong Kong 2013
‘Street Art Open’ @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2013
‘Beermat Characters’ (with Inkygoodness) @ Coningsby Gallery, London 2013
‘Mail Me Art: Short and Sweet’ @ The Framers Gallery, London 2013
‘One for Sorrow’ (BOTS) @ Something Else, Bristol 2013
‘Monster Club’ @ Parlour Showrooms, Bristol 2013
‘Friday Lates’ (BOTS show/workshop) @ Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2013
‘International Postcard Show’ @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham 2014
‘Gods & Demons’ (BOTS - Bespoke Mural and Launch Show) @ Seven Bar, Brixton, London 2014
Pick Me Up Graphics Art Fair 2014 (BOTS) ‘Broology’ @, Somerset House, London 2014
‘Kids in the Halls’ (BOTS) @ House of Illustration, London 2014
ELCAF 2014 (BOTS) @ East London, 2014
‘Low-Fi Sci-Fi’ (BOTS) @ The Good Spirits Company, Glasgow 2014
‘Untitled’ (New work and old) @ K.N. Arts, Leicester 2014
‘Voodoo’ (BOTS) @ Lik Neon, London, 2014
‘Hustle’ (BOTS) @ Proof Gallery, London, 2015
‘Back to Draw the Future’ (with Thunder Chunky) @ Online Showcase, 2015
‘Mardi Gras’ (BOTS) @ Pop Brixton, 2016
‘Arcade’ (BOTS) @ Unlimited, Brighton 2016
‘Brothers & Sisters’ (BOTS) @ Stour Space, London 2016


You can view Andy’s latest illustrations on his Facebook and Instagram. Andy joined Column Arts Agency’s illustration agency in February 2017.

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