New work from new projects: SAVWO, Trou & Alan Dalby

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Column Arts Agency, London, have updated three of our artists’ portfolios with work from some of their current projects.

Illustrator Alan Dalby has designed a Whale Print for the Fathoms Deep exhibition at London’s Hayward Gallery. The exhibition, which is part of the This Is Not A Pop-Up series, has been curated by arts organisation Zombie Collective and runs from 17May to 3 June 2012.

Brummie scribbler Trou (also known as Nick Robertson) has had a busy month. One of his infamous Microcosms was featured in Crack Magazine‘s April edition and he created a new editorial illustration for an article about beards, which is set to feature in new magazine We Are Dupe‘s June edition.

SAVWO (we call him John Powell-Jones) has been getting some big praise for The Church Of The Mystic Egg exhibition, which he collaborated on with Steve Hockett (aka The Kunst Kammer). You can view SAVWO and Steve’s eggy warrior legend at Manchester’s famous Common bar in the Northern Quarter.


SAVWO, Trou & Alan Dalby have been busying themselves with a number of interesting projects.

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