Peter Beatty

London, UK
London, UK
Drawing, painting, digital illustration and screen print. Publishing, editorial, poster and cover art. Art direction and graphic design. Storyboarding, scripting narratives and animation.


Skilled draughtsman Peter Beatty is an illustrator that makes work which is often dreamlike and reflective, natural and dramatic.

Colourful and detailed, Peter uses pencil sketches to form a folkloric narrative in his creations before enhancing them with ink, paint or collage and finishing them digitally.

He draws influence from the likes of illustrator Sean Tan, collage artist Sara Fanelli and the drawings of William Blake, Charles Keeping, Sydney Symes and Edward Gorey. He is also inspired by Japanese prints, and screen prints by US poster artist Jay Ryan.

Arts Council
Times Higher Education Magazine
Loud & Quiet Magazine
United Nations
Cork French Film Festival
VCCP Advertising
International Planned Parenthood Federation
Fire In The Mountain Festival
Two For Joy Music
Because The Night
Coningsby Gallery, London: ‘Contemporary Illustration & Animation’
Hotbath Gallery, Bath: ‘Creative Alternative – an exhibition of alternatives to fine art’
54 Gallery, Greenwich: ‘Fifty Four @ 54 and exhibition of fine art, illustration and photography’
Triple Hop

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