Privacy Policy

Hiya, here’s some legal shiz (yawn)…

We’ve posted this privacy policy so you know that we’re not going to do anything bad to you or your computer unless you break the laws regarding us, our site, our images, our wording or our artists and their work.

Info sharing:

Column Arts Agency, London, do not share any information with third parties. So feel free to sign-up to our newsletter, engage our social networking or get in touch with us. We’re not going to sell your contact details to some scammy spam merchant.

Site Written Content:

All of the written content on the Column website is original and has been been written by a member of Column Arts Agency.

You are not allowed to copy it. If you do copy it we will bring legal proceedings against you.

If you want to write something nice about us – then write something original. Don’t copy our content as it will affect our search engine optimisation (SEO). If you can’t think of anything original to write get in touch and we will write it for you.

Site Images:

All of the visual content has either been commissioned by Column Arts Agency or has been created by our artists for their clients, exhibitions, their friends / family or themselves.

The artists have given Column Arts Agency permission to use their images on this site. If you would like to use one or a number of their images for design or promotional reasons you will have to get in touch with us for permission. You must not use it without written permission. If you use any of Column’s or our artists’ images without written permission we will bring legal proceedings against you.

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