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Client Name:

The Volkov Commanders

What Do They Do:

The Volkov Commanders are group of costume designers and performance artists that curate a series of shows called Panoply.

The word ‘panoply’ describes an impressive display or a full set of weapons and armour. The artists have developed their ideas around the duel meanings of the word to produce wild dances, processions, ceremonies and sound making costumes.

Project Brief:

Column Arts Agency, London, was asked to conduct a PR campaign to promote the Commanders’ latest performance Panoply: Sound Stave, which took place at Sounds From The Other City Festival in Salford, Greater Manchester, on 6 May 2012.

As part of the campaign Column instigated an on-going multi platform social-networking campaign, blogged about the day-long performance, and designed and distributed MailChimp email marketing strategy to promote the 20+ artists and musicians involved in Panpoly: Sound Stave.


Both the Volkov Commanders and the festival’s organisers were very impressed with Column’s PR efforts.

The agency managed to increase the number of followers on the commanders’ social media accounts and increased the number of hits on their website. This was achieved by networking interesting and relevant pictorial, video and audio content and building strong links between sites.

The MailChimp marketing email was also a resounding success. It was sent out to targeted contacts in the art media, funding organisations, advertising companies, and to the wider art community. The email was received by more than a 700 key people and read in 12 different countries.

The successes of the Panoply:Sound Stave performance and Column’s PR campaign have led to discussions about future Panoply performances at Manchester International Festival and Liverpool Biennial. So watch this space for more exciting news about the Volkov Commanders.


Volkov Commander and Column artist Aliyah Hussain said: “Thank you sooo much for helping us promote Panoply – it was amazing!

“YOU really made a big difference and both Mark and Rivca (the festival organisers) really noticed and said thanks for helping give the festival the push it needed.

“They were really impressed with how you did it – because apparently if you promote something too much; Facebook and Twitter know and stop too many people from seeing it (I didn’t know that) – but we were there everyday in peoples feed with Panoply. You got skillz!”

Co-curator Aliyah Hussain said: "YOU really made a big difference and the festival organisers really noticed and said thanks for helping give the festival the push it needed."

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