TXLW Talks Out House: Round 3

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Column Arts Agency’s TXLW, aka Tasha Whittle, has been busy again. But she’s taken a break from creating her own wonderful illustrations to co-curate Out House, a legal graffiti mural project, with friend of the agency Lois Macdonald.

We asked T a few of questions about Out House so you can find out all about it:

What is Out House all about?

Out House is an outdoor public art space situated on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter part of Manchester. It actually used to be a public toilet back in the day! Hence why the space is called Out House. We change the space every three months to give new inspiration to everyone that goes past. It’s about showcasing the creativity of artists without selling a product. 

What’s the latest exhibition called and what was the brief?

The latest exhibition is Round 3. We select and programme in artists every three months for a new repaint. We don’t set a brief leaving it up to the artists to do whatever they want. Funnily enough they all seem to go with one another’s paintings so I guess we’re doing something right! I think Round 3 is based around myths, great stories and magical creatures. 

Which artists were involved and why did you choose these particular artists?

Laurie Pink, himHallows, eightbit and twosome ArtMath. We chose them because some had previously gotten in touch and we love their artwork.

How would you describe the artist’s work?

For this Round it’s a total mix of styles and techniques. Hallows opted for stencils to create the main body of work with a beautiful space-scape background whilst Laurie and eightbit’s was a free style spray from their amazing imaginations! ArtMath opted for a spray background and hand painted details creating imagery inspired by  personifications of date from Greek mythology and the Northern Quarter’s textile history.

Any other highlights of the exhibition?

One of my highlights is the people that come and see the artists paint. We’ve had such a positive reaction from the public which always makes a big difference when you’re standing there in the rain. From homeless people to families, old folk and children everyone really buzzes off the artwork being created for the project and we’re happy to make that happen. 

When does the exhibition finish?

Round 3 will finish at the beginning of June and that’s when Round 4 will start! So keep an eye out for the whitewash!

Who should people contact about buying artwork?

For now, If people want to buy artwork by the artists then they should contact them directly. All information and links are on our website www.outhousemcr.co.uk 

I would also like to say that we’re always looking for artists to come and paint so please get in touch! And photographers…we want to see your pictures, I’m interested to see the project through other people’s eyes!

And owners of buildings….. LETS PAINT YOUR WALLS AND SHUTTERS!! 

Artists Laurie Pink, himHallows, eightbit and ArtMath feature in Out House: Round 3

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