Column Arts Agency Open Ethical Art Shop

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Column Arts Agency are proud to announce that we’ve opened a brand spanking new online shop.

What makes our shop even more spanking is that it has been designed to support lots of incredible artists – as that’s what we like the most.

The Column Arts Agency Shop only sells ETHICALLY-PRICED prints, jewellery, clothes and other arty goods because we want to help our amazing artists’ careers to flourish.

To ensure that this happens we have guaranteed that every artist receives 70% of the sale profit of their item. You can’t say fairer than that.

Also, the shop won’t just feature the work of the artists that Column represents, we’ve cherry-picked some incredible guest artists and asked them to get involved as well. Check them out, they’re all mint!

You can visit the Column Arts Agency shop by clicking here or you can also view everything on our Etsy page by clicking here.

Support art, shop at Column!

The Column Arts Agency Shop only sells ETHICALLY-PRICED arty goods!

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