Creative Events

Column Arts Agency are a dab-hand at curating creative events.

Unlike many other event management companies, we work across our networks in Birmingham, Manchester, and London to organise specialist creative workshops, conferences, parties and exhibitions for open-minded organisations and individuals.

Using the talent in our animation studio and illustration agency, we commission artists produce live, interactive, and engaging creative events that are unusual, inspiring and memorable.

Art Exhibitions

From school tuck-shops at sweet-themed illustration shows to fine art exhibitions by German artists we conceive, curate, cater, and install a range of gallery-based creative events.

Product Launch Parties

We specialise in launching bespoke beers and spirits. We can create a brand or work with your branding team to curate a unique creative event that will engage your guests, create photo opportunities and elevate the status of your product.


We produce photobooths with a difference. We install illustration booths at events, exhibitions and launch parties. Our illustration booths are a fun, tangible and they will give your guests something to remember.

Business Networking Events

We organise a range of business networking events for a range of sectors. If you’re looking to promote your firm in the right way we can curate an event, party, or conference that are fun and informative.

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Column Arts Agency are an animation studio & illustration agency that specialises in working with the advertising, publishing and editorial industries. Column Arts Agency have links in Birmingham, London, and Manchester.

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