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Column Arts Agency is a full service digital marketing agency and traditional public relations animal. We operate across Birmingham, the Midlands, Manchester, and London.

We specialise in promoting innovative companies, art exhibitions, and creative events.

With our illustration agency, graphic designers, animation studio, and video production team we are ideally placed to create all of the visual content needed for your campaign.

We create a buzz about our clients by promoting them through traditional and online news sources using comprehensive marketing strategies.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Services Include:

  • SMO Social Media Optimisation across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google+.
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation keyword research.
  • SEO copy writing for website pages and blog posts.
  • Writing and distributing press releases for print media.
  • Generating campaign ideas, campaign implementation, & campaign Monitoring.
  • Branding & commercial graphic design to create visuals for your marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing video production -.

A thorough PR Campaign should:

  1. Create exposure for you,
  2. Build your number of followers,
  3. Bring you more work,
  4. And make you more money!!

Supporting creativity is our passion.

You make create and we’ll do the rest.

Get in touch if you need our help.


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Column is a creative agency. That means we’re a design studio, an illustration agency, an animation studio, a video production team, a marketing agency & a creative events company. Column Arts Agency have links in Birmingham, London, and Manchester.

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